Sasha Cay – Spin [Streaming]

Today the Montreal musician Sasha Cay dropped the album called Spin via Lighter Than Air.
A moody indie pop rock record a-la Land of Talk vibe.

About the album by Sasha:
Spin is a record that “took form in two stilted and warped years, heavy with this profound seasickness of being both empty and full,” she recounts. “Among other things, it is about outliving. Translating this into songs and sounds alongside my best friends in a basement is something I’ll be forever grateful for and don’t think I can accurately put into words, which is maybe why I write songs in the first place.

I hope it finds folks who might need something to lean on, similar to how I clung to a handful of records as I moved through (or laid very still) this time; dizzy, scared, and glad.”

A guard held on her prior release fell way as Spin began. The fable-like quality of her earlier songs remain present, but are now paired with a contenting candour – through gritty rambles and echoey distortion Sasha sings frankly of the unraveling of violence and loss.
On the first single “Comedy”, time drags on as “everyday” is repeated like a mantra. The song recounts the absurd timing of the events of Fall 2021: in October, Sasha was hit by a car while biking and was being looked after by a close friend before they suddenly passed away while Sasha was still recovering.

“Friends took care of me,” she says. “I had to stay very still, I couldn’t hold a conversation for very long. My head spun. I listened to a lot of records; I wrote when I could manage it. I made a lot of jokes.”

Sasha’s music stretches out across stark realism and literary narrative, tucking humour in the odd corners of songs. They puncture dreamy musical contours; they epitomize the magnetic timewarp of remembering what’s happened to you. Spin is less the simple recounting of darkness than the unfolding and refolding of it – examining what may lie on the periphery of these experiences — “like a secret, there, sleeping” she sings.

Spin gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.