Show Review: Josh Reichmann Oracle Band

Last night, I attended this show at Zaphod Beeblebrox.
The headliner was Toronto’s Josh Reichmann Oracle Band, while the two openers were New Teeth and Glenn Nuotio, and hail from Ottawa.
I missed out on the first band, New Teeth, and was told that their set was great. Got there in time to see Glenn Nuotio’s set.
His music is melodramatic, pop-cabaret style.
He sang:

  • Drape Me
  • City Lights
  • Bay Street Fire Escapes

The set was fun and wild.

Finally Josh Reichmann went on stage.
Very lively set.
I was not familiar with his music.
He had that 1960s rock pop sound, live.
It’s very different from when you listen to his tracks on CD or Myspace.
Missing was the synths….. He had some lovely banters, one being “I will do a Daft Punk cover of One More Time”. Which he didn’t do.
His band consisted of a drummer, guitarist and trumpet player.
The audience was dancing and having a great time to his music.
It was an alright night of music at Zaphod Beeblebrox.

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