The City Above and Louise Gloor @ Zaphods

Last night seemed like a quaint and lovely considering the few nights of shows I’ve attended lately IE Handsome Furs and Malajube.
So I decided to go to Zaphods on a Sunday night to check out three acts.
They were Louise Gloor, The City Above and Dog Day.

Louise Gloor @ ZaphodsI haven’t been to a Sunday night show since last year when Woodhands play and Sunday is sort of tricky getting people out.
Louise Gloor @ Zaphods The first act was Louise Gloor.
It was their first time playing.
Her music is very lovely and had that angelic pop sound.
Pop and folk feel and it sort of suited well for a Sunday night show.
It was her, keyboardist and guitarist and it was nice a intimate feel.
Hope to see her play in future shows.

After her was the Ottawa group The City Above.
The City Above @ ZaphodsThey were great since I saw them play last summer.
Very funny indie alternative rock sound.
The cover song they sang was “Turn Me Loose” by Loverboy.
Good ol 80s.

I didn’t get to see all of Dog Day’s performance because being a Sunday. They were great and almost sounded like Two Hours Traffic.
I have to say they are a band that you should have to check out live.
Dog Day @ Zaphods
Photos will be up and hopefully revise this review.
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