Show Review: Culture Reject and Snailhouse at St.Brigid

Culture RejectLast night I went to St.Brigid’s Church/Community Centre for a CBC Radio 2 taping.
It was Culture Reject and Snailhouse playing.
Nice intimate show.
It would have awkward if not alot of people showed up but eventually there were people showing up.
The show will be up on the CBC Radio 2‘s website.
Also the tracklisting of the songs since I don’t remember the names of the songs.

First up was Culture Reject.
I saw them last summer and they are on White Whale Records.
They were alot better this time. Probably they had a backing back.
Last time it was the lead singer and female backup vocals.
They had more of a loungey sound with the trumpet and saxophone.
Nice set and I had a good time with their music.
Snailhouse @ St.BrigidAfter them was Snailhouse.
They were rocking it.
Forgot the name of the song titles but thanks to CBC Radio 3 I remember them songs.
For another CBC Radio show called Bandwidth, the band had to do a iPod challenge where they have to pick a song from the radio host’s iPod.
Snailhouse @ St.BrigidThe song they chose was the theme song from the cartoon JEM.
It was really hilarious.
Here is a photo of a Snailhouse fan helping him sing the lyrics out.

At the encore, Rolf of the Acorn came up and sang a song with them.
Snailhouse @ St.Brigid
Nice Thursday evening at St.Brigid’s
Can’t wait for the radio broadcast of the show.
I should have bought both their albums.
Hopefully I will. 

Sorry if this review is short.
I will try to revise it.


  1. Nikita

    I’m jealous. 🙂 I was supposed to make it to the show but a very persistent headache has limited my freedom. Looks like a great intimate show!

  2. ninja>pirate

    Has anyone heard the recording from this concert? I was at it and really wanted to hear the CBC radio 2 presentation of it.

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