Handsome Furs @ Mavericks [March 12, 2009]

Handsome Furs @ Mavericks
Last night I attended Handsome Furs at Mavericks.
The geek of me decided to show up like 30 mins before the doors open.
Heard abit of their soundcheck.

Surprisingly the show was really packed and it was a night of various shows.
A friend went to see Luke Doucet and heard it got moved from Capital Music Hall to the Live Lounge, what a shocker to hear.

Giant Hand was the first opener and I am beginning to lose count on how many times I’ve seen him live.
It sort of a nice intimate set but with alot of people talking loudly.

Black Hat Brigade are always amazing live and blew my mind away.
Sang tracks from their debut EP and new tracks from an upcoming new EP.
Forgot the names of the track they sang.
There were two tracks that made me feel like doing a marching dance.
Handsome Furs @ Mavericks
Finally Handsome Furs came on and it was crazy as hell.
The bar was playing MGMT and I was dancing to their music with other people, Alexei saw us dancing and gave us a nice smile.
Photo on the right is their setlist.

Before they started, Alexei kissed Dan on the cheek and you can see the lipstick mark.
Mostly they played tracks on the new album “Face Control” which I am loving at the moment.
Beginning song to play live was Legal Tender.
After the first song, it just went insane with the crowds moshing like crazy.

So I decided to sit on the front of the stage and just dance sitting during the whole time.
Did get an interesting angle taking some photos of the lovely duo.
Loved hearing I’m Confused live and couldn’t control my funness.
They sang two new songs that isn’t from their two albums.
Handsome Furs @ Mavericks
There was a moment during Thy Will Be Done that the power went out.
The audience was booing, funny Dan and Alexei had some funny banter going on.
After that they went to the next song which was “Hate This City”.
Alexei was doing her dance barefoot and doing some crazy dancing pose. I swear she must have done some ballet before.
It was probably Sing! Captain that everyone was on their feet dancing, I sort of decided to dance on the stage.
After that the last song was Dead + Rural (love the beginning part!) and I was dancing on the stage afterwards a Mavericks staff told some people not to dance on the stage.
That kind of sucked.
What a fun and crazy show last night.

Get their new album FACE CONTROL!!
There is a another review of the show on Radio 3.

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