Malajube and Young Galaxy @ Babylon Nightclub

Last night I attended Malajube and Young Galaxy at Babylon.
It was a sold out show and alot of Francophones there.
I felt “Lost In Translation” with all the people speaking french.
Have to say, it wasn’t rowdy and crazy as Handsome Furs show.
The crowd was tone down.
First opener was a band called City of a Hundred Spires.
They were a instrumental band and remind me of this Ottawa band called My Dad Vs Yours.
But they are more heavier and louder.
Young Galaxy @ Babylon
After them was Young Galaxy and it was my first time seeing them.
I’ve heard about them and they are on the hipster label Arts & Crafts.
Stephen Ramsay used to tour with Stars.
Their music was amazing.
Very indie pop sound and almost reminds me abit of Stars and The New Pornographers (Their Challengers era).
Songs they sang:

  • The Alchemy Between Us
  • Oh Sister (Great song!)
  • Light Years
  • Outside The City
  • Destroyer
  • Firestruck (Such a nice ballady song!)
  • Queen Drum
  • Swing Your Heartache
  • Long Live The Fallen World (Love the 80s New Wave sound!)

Young Galaxy @ Babylon
Afterwards got a chance to chat with Catherine and Stephen.
Both are such nice and down to earth people. Discussed mostly about the Arts & Crafts bands plus Metric.
How they are good friends with them and also they are friends with members of Arcade Fire.
It was so cool to hear about them.
Hearing new tracks from the upcoming album gave me some interest on the band.
I should have bought their debut album too.
Malajube @ Babylon

Finally Malajube got on stage.
Everyone was going crazy for them.
I can see why everyone loves them. Not just because of the songs in French but its their fun and energy in their music.
Alot of the people screaming stuff in French.
I didn’t really care if I didn’t know a word of French.
Just as long I am having a great time with their music.
It was also a fun light show but I almost feel like getting a seizure with the strobe lights.
Here is what they sang last night:

  • Ursuline
  • Porté Disparu
  • Casablanca
  • Casse-cou
  • 333
  • La Monogamie
  • Fille A Plume
  • Etienne D”Août
  • Saint-Fortunat
  • Ibuprophene
  • Les Collemboles
  • Luna
  • Le Crabe
  • La Maladie
  • Le Robot Sexy

Malajube @ Babylon

  • Le Métronome
  • Montréal -40°C
  • La Valérie
  • Christobald

This was a great show and besides not knowing any French didn’t really mattered.
All it mattered was just enjoy the music and have fun.

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