Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees @ Zaphods

Last night I attend the free Monday night music showcase.
Wanted to check out the Halifax group Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees.
They are a band which is fronted by Rebekah Higgs, who is also a solo singer.
There was also three other bands opening up but I won’t go into them since I was there to see Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees.
Tough doing a Monday night show but there was a small amount of people showing support to see them.

When they got up on stage everyone was getting into the spirit of their music.

Their music is electro-pop dance.
They started off with “You Don’t Miss Me” and people were dancing crazily.
One song which I don’t think is on the album and my friend and I were like “Is that a D&B sound?”. We both just danced whole heartily.

The set was so wild that people kept dropping their glasses on the floor and from the stage.
That was abit of a a distraction.

During parts of the set Rebekah would come down to the floor and dance and sing to the audience.
I was avoiding it in case I look like a fool. I almost tripped on the microphone wire while trying to get shots of Rebekah singing to the crowd.

Afterwards I gave up taking photos and just dance like no end in sight.

At the end they sang a cover of Heart’s Barracuda
That was a 80s throwoff and alot of fun.
Got to love Guitar Hero to re-introducing old rock hits to a new generation.

Overall they were the best set of the night.
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