Sunjet, The Gales and Winter Gloves @ Cafe Dekcuf

Went to see three bands at Cafe Dekcuf on Nov 22nd. It happened to be all ages show.
I wasn’t annoyed like any typical AA shows.
Somehow this was a laid back AA show.
Bands playing were The Sunjet Records Band, The Gales and of course Winter Gloves.
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No need for me to tell you about Winter Gloves since this was my fifth time seeing them.
I am a truly a big fan of them and noticed from my photo site that I have some photos taken of them at shows.

Mostly all the band I’ve seen more than once so far this year.

The first band was Sunjet, they rocked the set and it was fun.
Such a unique band and great lively stage presence.

After Sunjet was the Gales.
I am surprised that this band is very young.
Wow can they ever play the guitars, drums and whatever instruments.
Not make any comparisons, they almost sound like Hilotrons mixed with alternative pop indie sound.

Finally was Winter Gloves.
Great as always when they are live.
But something happened this time, considering it was an all ages show.
Before they started, there were three girls and I thought they were there to see The Gales.
I was wrong they were there to see The Winter Gloves. Guessing there is some buzz happening for them.
Alot of the people were actually dancing and even crowd surfed on some of the songs.
Made it ten times as fun and interesting like at a 19+ show.
Probably the kids know what fun is.

Totally it was a fun show and I wasn’t expected it this time.
Hopefully when Winter Gloves come back, there will be alot of people coming.
For more photos check them out at this site.
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