Sick Friend – The Draft Dodger [Review]

It’s been a while since I last heard from Montreal’s Sick Friend.
The duo has finally released The Draft Dodger, which has nine tracks, each about 1-2 minutes long.

When I heard the first track, “Cottages”, Sunset Rubdown was the first thing to pop into my head. There’s a mix of Cotton Mouth and Parlovr in there, with its messy guitar, pop rock sound in tracks like “Nothing Tragic” and “Sleep Late”.
Despite it being a very short album, I really enjoyed The Draft Dodger, which blends dream pop/shoegaze rock and experimental.
I love the layering of the guitars and synth keyboards.
Think of them of a mellow version of PS I Love You and Japandroids when it comes to duo rock acts.
If you like music coming out of the Montreal scene, you should check out Sick Friend. The Draft Dodger is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

The Draft Dodger’s tracklisting

  1. Cottages*
  2. Seal That Would Fly
  3. The Draft Dodger*
  4. Video by SoutherSouls

  5. Nothing Tragic*
  6. No Harm
  7. Sleep Late*
  8. Masks
  9. Forest Lawn*
  10. Millionth Night*

* Best tracks
I’d give The Draft Dodger 8/10.
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