Sofia Kourtesis – Madres [Streaming]

Recently the Peruvian Berlin-based electronic music producer and DJ Sofia Kourtesis dropped her long awaited debut album called Madres via Ninja Tune.
A energetic and hypnotic electro-house and dance album.

About the album by Sofia:
Madres is dedicated to Peter Vajkoczy, the renowned neurosurgeon who operated on Kourtesis’ mother, extending her life beyond what anyone thought was possible.
Vajkoczy is credited not only with saving Kourtesis’ mother’s life but also her own, bringing hope and joy back into it.

The album is awash with warm light and brimming with “hope and the value that big love can create miracles”.
It’s filled with the minutiae of life that Kourtesis didn’t have time or energy for; going out with friends, dating, dancing, eating, living.

It also contains everything that has made Kourtesis so beloved already.
The dual sounds of her Peruvian home and her adopted home in Berlin are present (“my heart is very Latin American, but my motor is German”), as is the activism surrounding gender equality, protection of queer people and access to safe abortions in Peru that is so close to her heart.

Madres gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.