Sorry – Let The Lights On [Music Video]

Today the British band Sorry dropped the music video for Let The Lights On.
The second single is taken from their upcoming second album called Anywhere But Here which comes out on October 7, 2022 via Domino Records.
An energetic alterna-pop rock tune that gets you dancing.
Somehow I was hoping for a minimal electro 2-step garage vibe from Cigarette Packet that came out in 2021.

About the track:
“A heady rush that gives way to a melancholic duet, a form which marks the album, and one that the band have clearly mastered.
“It’s a fun love song for the club.
A bittersweet track for us. It kinda touches on how you want to be honest and say things directly, but in the end that can also ruin them.
If you’ve got a light don’t let it go out… sometimes you have to leave things behind but it’s hard to do.”

Let The Lights On gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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