Stars and Land of Talk @ Glowfair 2019

Friday night at Glowfair 2019.
At the mainstage which was behind the parking lot of Staples.
There was an opening ceremony by Turtle Island group and caught the last song by Andrew Cassara.
I was more excited to see Stars and Land of Talk.
Land of Talk last time played Ottawa was in 2017.
It has been so long but it was worth the wait and great to see the band in its initial line-up with Chris McCarron who is currently with Stars and Mark “Bucky” Wheaton.
Still bummed out that they didn’t play any tracks from Applause Cheer Boo Hiss, would have lovely to hear Speak to Me Bones and Young Bridge from Some Are Lakes.
Previewed some new materials from the TBA album coming out later this year.
These new tracks has more of a heavier sound to them!
Nice to see the kids dance to their music and Elizabeth wanted to hang with Stars on tour! 9/10.
Then Stars came up on stage. I totally died when they started off with Take Me To The Riots!
They performed a mix of songs from their discography.
Singing out loud to Ageless Beauty, Your Ex-Lover is Dead (Which they didn’t end off) and Elevator Love Letter with a friend in the VIP area.
I never get sick and tired of seeing them live even if I had to wear a tanktop! 10/10.

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