Talia Schlanger – So Small [Music Video]

Today, Toronto’s Talia Schlanger dropped the lyrical music video for So Small.
The second single is taken from Talia’s debut album called Grace For The Going which comes out on February 2, 2024 via Latent Recordings.
An intimate acoustic baroque-pop track.

About the track by Talia:
“So Small” was written and recorded as the pandemic years engulfed the globe in a different sort of trauma.
The urgency of the song, offers a philosophical view on humanity and a perspective on our space on this planet that is deeply relevant to world events today.

“’So Small’ is about finding a way to hold many truths at the same time,” explains Talia.
“The idea that each of us is at once as big as the universe itself and smaller than the smallest speck of dust.
This is a concept that appears in a number of traditions/faiths/systems of belief.
My first window into this way of thinking was through the Jewish teachings I grew up learning as a kid.
And it’s an idea I continue to cherish and explore as an adult through the western interpretations of Buddhist texts by teachers like Pema Chödrön, Joseph Goldstein and Tara Brach. For me, this sense of perspective has been life-saving.”

“’So Small addresses ‘the war outside me and inside me.’ I share it along with my prayers for peace, outer and inner, for all.”

So Small gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.