That Time I Shot: Peter Bjorn and John + Chairlift @ Capital Music Hall

This happened on April 26, 2009.
Ah! The days when Capital Music Hall was away and surprising that we got acts like Peter Bjorn and John and Charlift playing in Ottawa.
Peter Bjorn and John @ Capital Music Hall
The band was on a big tour promoting their fifth album Living Thing.
I was very excited because they were one of those band that doesn’t play Ottawa.
Also don’t forget they have one of the greatest “hipster” and infectiously catchy songs of all time called Young Folks.
Call it a one hit-wonder but the band has other songs in their catalog that everyone should listen to.
They definitely rocked it out besides that one song
Peter Bjorn and John @ Capital Music Hall
Overall it was an amazing show!
Chairlift @ Capital Music HallOpening up the show was Chairlift.
At that time iPods was booming and having a song played on those ads meant good business for the acts or selling out.
The American band played a wonderful synth pop set.
Caroline looked like she was wearing a garbage bag.
I was glad to see them live.
Chairlift @ Capital Music Hall
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