The American Dollar – Atlas (Review)

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I received an email from Yesh Music on a band from New York City to check out and hopefully be coming to Ottawa on June 28th *crossing fingers*.
John Emanuele and Richard Cupolo make up The American Dollar.
When I listened to the whole album, I was just blown away to what their music is.
It was something new and different to music I listen to everyday.
Its all instrumental which is mixed with experimental rock and electronica.
Just had that New York City feel to it.
Their music is great when you are daydreaming.
Superb soundscapes and productions in all thirteen tracks.
Atlas is one unique album of 2010.

Best tracks:

  • A Few Words
  • [audio:]
  • Age of Wonder
  • Fade In Out
  • [audio:]
  • Shadows
  • Circuits
  • Red Letter
  • [audio:]
  • Equinox
  • Frontier Melt
  • Flood
  • Escapist

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