The Garrison on June 17, 2011 [NXNE 2011]

Rich Aucoin @ The Garrison
I decided to hit up the Garrison during NXNE on a Friday night.
It was part of Osheaga Presents showcase.
The bill had Montreal acts except for one which was Rich Aucoin.
I guess he apparently made a splash at last year’s festival.

Anyways I got there when Elephant Stone was playing.
I forgot that this band was playing this year.
All I can say is, that sitar is amazing to see live!
Elephant Stone @ The Garrison
After them was Braids.
I was very excited to see them live.
All I have to say is WOW!
They put on a wonderful spectacular set.
I didn’t know that they finally packed the Garrison.
I swear in under just two years they were just small and now they are bigger than ever.
It wasn’t a set where I wasn’t annoyed by stupid people talking over the quiet parts of the songs.
They pulled it out this time!
Braids @ The Garrison
Passwords was up next.
Somehow due to the amazement by Braids.
I wasn’t really feeling it from this band.
Probably due to being almost exhausted and not getting sleep.
Hopefully next time I will be focus and by amazed by them.
Passwords @ The Garrison
Lastly it was Rich Aucoin.
As I previously posted some photos from this show.
All I can still say is “DANCE PARTY!”.
Rich Aucoin @ The Garrison
There was alot of fun and excitement!
I was even surprised with the turnout for this set. I would have there would be half the people in attendance for this show.
Boy, was I wrong!
There was a part when Rich went down to the audience. I decided to go up on stage to get a wider side of the venue.
It was completely full of people dancing and having fun to his music.
This time I didn’t go under the parachute. Looking at the photos, you can tell alot of people crowded under it.
As I repeat. this totally beats the ones he did Ottawa!
Mostly it was a bigger venue space and the vibe was ten times greater.
Here are the photos.
[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157627031858084″]

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