The New Pornographers/Land Of Talk @ Capital Music Hall

April 8, 2008. I went to see The New Pornographers at the Capital Music Hall in Ottawa.
I was very pumped to see them

The opener LAND OF TALK was amazing
Can’t wait to see them at Westfest sicne its free.

When The New Pornographers came up, I was like “Where is Neko Case?”
I guess she couldn’t make it. Well it was kind of let down but it was still an amazing show to see them.
It was my frist time seeing them
I only knew most of their “Challengers” album. Don’t know any of their older stuff. I know I should get their older albums.

Here are photos (I had to use a P+S digicam since the venue won’t let me bring in my DSLR


  • Heaven and Earth
  • Use It
  • Electric Version
  • All The Showstoppers
  • Bones Of An Idol
  • My Rights Versus Yours
  • The Laws Have Changed
  • Stacked Crooked
  • Twin Cinema
  • Challengers
  • Testament
  • Unguided
  • Mass Romantic
  • Spirit Of Giving
  • Adventures Of Solitude
  • Spanish Techno
  • Bleeding Heart Show
  • Don’t Bring Me Down

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