The Radio Dept. – Clinging To A Scheme (Review)

Rarely review any bands/musicians that is in Europe besides the usual British acts.
One being The Radio Dept. from Sweden.
The Radio Dept. are getting some buzz for their long awaited third album called Clinging To A Scheme.
This album will drop on April 21, 2010
Knowing how highly anticipated it is, there is no chance they will make a stop in Ottawa for a show.
This is my first time listening to this album (Thanks to the people at The
Doing some research on this band:
The name was taken from a gas station/radio repairer in Lund (Sweden) which had a large sign with the name
“Radioavdelningen” (The Radio Department in Swedish) hanging outside their shop.
That making the third album was four year in the making.

Very surprised on listening to this album.
Its filled with great European indie pop and dream pop.
It has that British 80s music influence from Joy Division, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Jesus and Mary Chain and The Smiths.
For those big fans of them, you just have to wait for the March or April release date.

Best Tracks:

  • Domestic Scene
  • Heaven’s On Fire
  • [audio:]
  • A Token Of Gratitude
  • The Video Dept.
  • Memory Loss
  • David
  • [audio:]
  • You Stopped Making Sense

If I rate this, it would be 9.2/10.
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