The Weather Station – All Of It Was Mine [Review]

Everytime I look at the album cover to The Weather Station‘s All Of It Was Mine, it has that 1970s vintage folk-country style look.
At first I thought it was a band Tamara was in. (Probably got confused with Entire Cities)
But it happens to be only Tamara Lindeman. (Who also plays with Bruce Peninsula)
All Of It Was Mine is her second album and it is being released on You’ve Changed Records.
The album is nine tracks filled with folky slow-coustic.
I have to say “Trying” just got to me which I think the song is about a break up.
With the help from producer Daniel Romano, it has this warm intimate feel.
Lots of instrumentation of the banjo, guitar and vocal.
This album is basically Tamara baring her soul about life, love and traveling.
I really enjoyed this about, there is something about Tamara’s vocal which reminds me of a famous Canadian folk singer that I can’t seem to get on the tip of my tongue.
Best tracks:

  • Everything I Saw
  • Came So Easy
  • Traveller
  • Trying
  • Chip On My Shoulder
  • Know It To See It
  • Nobody
  • If I’ve Been Fooled

I’d give this album 9/10.
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