The Halluci Nation – The Path of The Heel – EP [Streaming]

Today is a big surprise drop by The Halluci Nation with their EP called The Path of The Heel via Radicalized Records.
A banger of a electro-dance EP with two tracks that features Damian Abraham of Fucked Up on Tree of Woe & ALie Nation (Interlude).
This is a glimpse of what to expect on the next record and hoping for more collaboration with Damian too.

About the EP:
Themed around one of the main character archetypes in professional wrestling – “The Heel” (a.k.a. the bad guy) – Path of the Heel follows a faction of this group, called the ALie Nation. The creator of the ALie Nation has gone from being curious about The Halluci Nation – the champion “Baby Face” tag team wrestlers – to becoming obsessed with taking them down at Halluci Mania, aiming to do so by recruiting two wrestlers into the ALie Nation.

The story unfolds through the album openers, Tree of Woe and ALie Nation (Interlude), both of which feature powerful vocals written and performed by Damian Abraham. The theme then expands with Eater of Worlds and Atomic Drop, featuring long-time collaborators, Northern Cree, and fulled by fast paced beats with complex basslines, all brining the Halluci Nation’s classic sound into the present and beyond.

“Damian was an incredible talent to work with in the studio and we are lucky that our friendship has developed into such a strong bond over the years,” The Halluci Nation share. “This collaboration plays such an important part in the story of this project and we feel the final result pushes the limits beyond what anyone has ever heard from us.”

They continue, “Being able to work with Northern Cree is always a special experience. The tones they are able to create add so much depth to Eater of Worlds and Atomic Drop. The frequencies a drum creates can’t be duplicated by any machine and they take the basslines to a whole different level.”

The Path of the Hell gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.