The Natvral – A Glass of Laughter [Music Video]

Today the New Jersey act The Natvral dropped the music video for A Glass of Laughter.
The second single is taken from the upcoming album called Summer of No Light which comes out on September 1, 2023 via Dirty Bingo Records.
A cool indie pop rock tune.

About the track by Kip Berman:
“In love, there are times after the good times— when sweet nothings give way to sour somethings, and what once passed for charming is viewed in a less forgiving light. Noble poverty may reveal itself as mere privation. The impulsive gestures of youth are now recast as irresponsibility.”

“But let’s raise a glass, shall we – not to drown these sorrows, but to throw ‘em a lifeline. Heraclitus might’ve been right about the river. But it need not be a meditation on corruption or irretrievable loss. Time changes us, and not always for the worse. What was once can’t be again, or at least not exactly. But maybe it can be something else worth our time, a new good time waiting for us on the other side. Here’s to finding out.”

A Glass of Laughter gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.