The Rural Alberta Advantage – Conductors [Music Video]

Today the Toronto trio The Rural Alberta Advantage dropped the lyrical archive footage music video for Conductors.
The eighth single is taken from the band’s upcoming album The Rise & The Fall which comes out on October 6, 2023 via Saddle Creek (USA) and Paper Bag Records (CAN).
An high energetic indie alt-folk rocking tune.

About the track by Nils:
“There is so much I love about being in a band. But one of its most fundamental aspects causes me more mental anguish than anything else, and that’s actually writing songs.
When I’m able to tune out the doubting voice in my head and get it done, there’s no greater feeling.
But often the devil wins and it’s easier to just run away.”

“Paul and Amy know about this struggle, and are usually very supportive. But when the world was first getting swept up in ChatGPT and we were deep in the songwriting process, Paul found it hilarious to ask the bot to create lyrics in the style of ‘The Rural Alberta Advantage’.
I guess being reminded that you’re easily replaceable got me thinking about why I run from something I know can, and often does, bring me so much joy.

I can say with total honesty none of the lyrics Paul coaxed from the AI made it onto the record, nor did any particularly move me.
So for now, good old fashioned sweat, pen to paper inspiration still won the day for us.”

Conductors gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.