Timber Timbre – Creep On Creepin’ On [Review]

I am going to take my chances (probably life) and review Timber Timbre‘s album before the drop date of April 5, 2011 on Arts & Crafts.
Be like the scene from Frankenstein with a mob of people with their pitchfork and torches to condemn this review (Hence this teaser).
Reading the Exclaim article that the band is now a trio with Simon Trottier (Ferriswheel, please let them be on a fine label) and Mika Posen (ex-Forest City Lovers???)
This album came by accident, I was going through iTunes and checking on Timber Timbre’s single “Black Water” if Ferriswheel’s track Dusty Gentle Creature was included.
Low and behold, Creep On Creepin’ On was available. So I took a chance and bought the album (At least I am somewhat supporting them).

With Creep On Creepin’ On, he went from being dark and lonely to just being creepy. (Sorry I just had to say that being the album title :P)

Scary enough to admit, I really like this album.
Hard to classify TT’s music, so I will go with experimental alternative-folk.
The beginning track Bad Ritual still maintains that dark soulful vocals with that unique crystal piano done by Mathieu Charbonneau and saxophone from Colin Stetson.
While Obelisk, Swamp Magic and Souvenir veer into the experimental dark instrumental music, which showcases more of Simon (lap steel, electric/baritone guitar) and Mika (violin).
These instrumental tracks reminds me if Sigur Ros goes dark and crazy.

Listening to Creep On Creepin’ On, it reminds of Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny with that lap steel guitar sound.
It has that salty lyrics when it mentions about a “dickless cousins”.
Black Water which is the longest in the album, is another of that 1960s lazy summer Motown pop sound.
Woman (not the John Lennon cover) has that dark gloomy intense sound.
Too Old To Die Young has that hillbilly, let’s all go to the saloon country sound.

The rest of the album has that sleek high end production studio sound.
It doesn’t have that DIY lo-fi from the previous albums.
It’s a good thing with a bit of change in the sound.

Best Tracks:

There wasn’t anything I wanted to dislike on the new album.
Not sure what is it that gets people intrigued with TT’s music.
Seeing from what I saw at his Pop Montreal show.
I am guessing Arts & Crafts made the right choice to signing them on. With the success of live shows.
All I can say that the music is different and unique.
I’d give Creep On Creepin’ On an 8.5/10.
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