We Fled Cairo – Patience Is A Curfew [Review]

Patience Is A Curfew - 7" Cover Art
Who's that handsome fellow? 😛

It’s been awhile since Ottawa’s We Fled Cairo has released anything.
In January they dropped an EP called Patience Is A Curfew.
A few surprises within the band.
Once a duo, now a trio with new member Robert Peace on bass.
Another surprise is vocals on the EP.

Unlike this review, I really like the new change.
Well a band needs to evolve sometimes and can’t just stick to one format.
What sets this apart from their last effort “Adult Braces“.
Besides the vocals, there is more of a angst harder edge sound.
In tracks like Xiaofeng and Fugue makes you want to get up and mosh or trash something.
We Fled Cairo @ 446 Lisgar
If you are fans of post punk music in the style of Dischord Records.
Then you should definitely like this.
Post-punk Math-rock nerdcore at it’s best coming out from Ottawa.
We Fled Cairo @ 446 Lisgar
Tracklistings on Patience Is A Curfew:

  1. The Price Of Her Novel Was Having To Read It
  2. Xiaofeng*
  3. Fugue*
  4. Laps Only Exist While Sitting Down*

I’d give Patience Is A Curfew a 8.5/10.
*Best tracks
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