Weaves, Bonnie Doon and Organ Eyes @ House of Targ

Went down to House of Targ on October 10, 2017.
Performing at the show was Weaves, Bonnie Doon and Organ Eyes.

Weaves @ House of Targ
Weaves always put on an incredible show. They are currently on tour and promoting their latest album Wide Open. Totally had a great time dancing and rocking out to tunes like Slicked, Scream, One More and Motorcycle.
Bonnie Doon @ House of Targ
After a summer break, well one of the members had a baby. Bonnie Doon is back performing their surfy-rock music. If you didn’t notice, the band was in their costumes from their long-awaited music video for Now or Neverish.
Organ Eyes @ House of Targ
Starting off the show was Organ Eyes. Performing their hazy psychedelic alter-rock music.

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