White Moustache Talk

White Moustache Talk Cover Art
Its been awhile since I reviewed the E-Tron Rec. label series.
Part one being  J’Envoie and part two being La Mort a La Mode.
This time its White Moustache Talk.

I am not sure if this band still exist?
Basically they are a duo consisting of Olivier Fairfield on the Organ and Pierre-Yves Martel on the Viola da Gamba.
Its a two track EP which you can purchase the mp3 or if you are nostalgic “cassette tapes” through their Bandcamp site.
The two tracks are mostly instrumental and indie experimental sounds.
It has that dark feeling to it.
If you are into the noisy art-like sounds, check out these two tracks.
Hull/Gatineau acts must be very creative in their music/art.

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