yeule – softscars [Streaming]

Today the Singapore-born, London-based artist yeule (Nat Ćmiel) dropped their third album called softscars via Ninja Tune.
Think of this as the Asian Grimes without the wacky and pretentiousness on the music.

About the album by Nat:
By setting their inner musings to cathartic punk riffs and ethereal electronics, yeule crafted softscars.
On the blistering project, they closely examine the anatomy of their long held emotional wounds, making for their most penetrating and daring work yet.

By liberating their repressed memories through images of blood, flames, porcelain, and angel wings, they honor the way that pain has shaped their past selves and built their instinct for self-protection.

Though its subject matter is heavy and arcane, there is a sense of joyful catharsis that emanates throughout the project, which was written and produced by yeule and collaborator Kin Leonn, with additional production from Mura Masa and Chris Greatti.

Driving it along is yeule’s shape shifting vocals, sounding more assured than ever in all of its jagged edges and haunting whispers, relaying the imperfect process of healing.

A chameleonic auteur guided by a multidisciplinary ethos, they craft entire worlds and personas through their music, weaving together everything from the classical canon, hypermodern internet cultures, academic theory, the esoteric, and their own carnal desires.

softscars: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷