ZOON – Bekka Ma’iingan [Streaming]

Today the Toronto-based musician ZOON (Zoongide’ewin) dropped the anticipated second album called Bekka Ma’iingan via Paper Bag Records.
I’m going to say it hands down one of the finest conceptual with no breaks albums to come out in 2023.
A blend of experimental alterna-shoegaze and sweeping orchestral emotional music that showcases Daniel’s songwriting and music.

About the album by Daniel:
Zoon created Bleached Wavves with extremely limited, often broken gear.
They worked through frustrating, lengthy delays and yet managed to reverse engineer a masterpiece of a debut. With sophomore album, Bekka Ma’iingan (Bay-ka Mo-Een-Gan) a broad spectrum of possibilities, lush orchestration, resources, collaborators and friends all supported the process. Bleached Wavves provoked us to face many difficult questions and reckon with a deeply uncomfortable and painful history. Bekka Ma’iingan continues to explore their Indigenous and life experience, and while still clutching to the unresolved, it moves us more softly and sweepingly towards acceptance.

Within moments into the lead track “All Around You” otherworldly strings are ushered in, and one is assured, as always with Zoon (the intricate musical work of Daniel Monkman), to expect the unexpected.
Bekka Ma’iingan: translates directly from Ojibway to ‘slow down’ and ‘wolf.’
The two words aren’t meant to be directly linked but considering the past few years, Zoon has enjoyed slowing down within the space of creating this new album.

Ma’iingan is also a reference to the wolf clan Daniel is a part of, a clan handed down from their father, a clan-connection Daniel only became aware of at their father’s funeral.

Gloriously intact is the shoegaze core Monkman has become known for. It rapturously arrives in full force with tracks “Care” and “Dodem.” Zoon intentionally pushes through the previously unexcavated in his work. “Shoegaze, to me, always lacked colour,” remarks Monkman. “There didn’t seem to be a lot of diversity, or intricacy to it, yet it still felt really accessible, that’s why I loved My Bloody Valentine so much.” Zoon is not content to paint their work with a muted palette or stay within the traditional confines of shoegaze, but then again, they’ve already shown us as much.

The choice to more openly share that side of themselves now, is partly in hope of supporting others who may not feel or be in a safe space to show or be themselves yet.

Bekka Ma’iingan gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.