Baker – Rat King [Listen]

Ottawa/Hull’s Baker is the side project from André M. Bluteau.
This is a far departure from Andre with his indie folk rock music to some experimental music as Baker.
The leading single Rat King is taken from the upcoming EP called The Tunnels Will Keep Us Safe which drops on October 31, 2020 via E-Tron Records.
Rat King is a unique 5 minute dreamy electronic-ambient and experimental track.
Have a listen!

About the EP:
Phil of Scattered Clouds and baker started trading video work for audio work.
It was a new thing for him, but a rewarding experience, despite a couple of moments of stress.
Phil’s contribution was taking his original MIDI files and printing new tracks that he and Sebastien Perry could later use to blend and replace some of the parts made in GarageBand that he had grown unapologetically attached to. P
Olivier played drums on his first album and honestly, he did more work contributing to that naive collection of songs than I realized at the time.
Seb’s attention to detail, calm disposition and emotional intelligence really helped ground these songs.
The mixing was done in two stages-one that he couldn’t be there for due to the pandemic.
The whole thing came together with E-Tron.

Rat King gets:

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