Chris Page – A Date With A Smoke Machine (Review)

Since 2009 is coming to a close.
I should really need to review Chris Page‘s album before its release date which is February 16, 2010.
Another hidden talent in the Ottawa music’s scene.
After seeing his nice wonderful set back on November 20, 2009 and at Pop Montreal.
A Date With A Smoke Machine is his second solo album.
This year Chris Page was nominated for Best New Artist for the Xpress Reader’s Poll.
Which got some people scratching their heads or making jokes about.

Anyways on to the album
This is a really great album.
Its just him and a guitar.

Here is a quote from his website:
Now, years later, I take a walk with Page’s new solo album “A Date With a Smoke Machine.” The crushing guitar of his legendary Glengarry punks The Stand GT or current alt-anthem machine Camp Radio only lurks at the corners here. Front and centre is Page’s songwriting, accompanied by acoustic guitars and noisy curios that sound plucked from dusty rec rooms. Plaintive, thoughtful, at times nostalgic, this is music that plays with memories of beginnings and endings, and might just be as crushing as a 100-watt wall of sound.

This is one album you should get in 2010.
I think he will make a splash in 2010.
Don’t forget Chris Page frequently plays with Jill Zmud (so check her out too).
Album is being release through Kelp Records.
Best tracks are:

  • Patio To Stereo
  • Slidshows
  • Two Twenty Twos
  • [audio:]
  • Summertime Out
  • Quit While I’m Behind
  • Hello, Danger Bay
  • Fall Back Monrning
  • Unwind, Unwind

If I rate this, it would be 9.6/10.
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