Coeur de Pirate and Sarah Bradley @ Bronson Centre

Who knew a fog machine would set off the fire alarm at Bronson Centre on February 1, 2019.
A sold out show for Cœur de pirate who is promoting her 2018 album en cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé.
Opening up the show was Ottawa’s Sarah Bradley.
Performing a stripped down piano pop ballad of her own music.
Most from the 2018 EP For The Kill.
It was a lovely set to start off the show. 7/10.
Then it was Cœur de pirate turn to perform.
It was a mix of her performing with or without the piano.
From wonderful tracks like Ensemble, Somnambule to the crowd pleasing Oublie Moi and Comme Des Enfants.
Around 30 minutes into the set the fire alarm went off due to the fog machine.
That was during Malade and the Chris Isaak cover of Wicked Game (Not the Weeknd version).
Kind of distracting but she pulled it off by playing the piano until the alarm went off.
Interacting the audience both French and English.
Hadn’t seen her live in quite some time and overall I really enjoyed the show. 8/10/

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