Concert Review: Pandamonium

Last night I attended Pandamonium which was held by Carleton and Ottawa U.
Both were holding a rocking show before the end of the semester. (Someone help with the history of this).
I know I wasn’t a student but a friend bought me a ticket so I can attend and watch my favorite band Metric.
I’ve seen Metric alot of time.

This time I didn’t take any photos which is a surprise for me and others.
Did have my crappy point and shoot digicam, took some shots but mostly made short videoclips.
I just wanted to rock out and have some fun.
This was some night to remember.

I haven’t experience being crowded by crazy kids and being squished in a long time.
Somehow feeling abit old going.

First band was Malajube.
Not to be saying bad things about them. They are a great band to see live.
Just wasn’t feeling it from them probably because I saw them on March 13th at Babylon.
Sang mostly the hit songs like -Montréal -40°C and Porté Disparu.
Funny that the audience were yelling at the band to speak english.
Talking to some people after the show and some people felt disconnected with them because of them singing in French.
One said she almost fell asleep.
They are still a great band to check out.
Youtube clip of Urusline.

After them was Bedouin Soundclash.
This was my first time seeing them.
Very fun, enjoying and amazing.
I can see why everyone loves them.
Not with their catchy melody songs, just their stage presence.
Here is a short video clip of them singing a short version of Stand By Me and into When My Night Feels My Song.

Their setlist:

  • Intro
  • Until We Burn
  • Shelter
  • Saint Andrew
  • Bells of 59
  • When You Were Young
  • Gyasi
  • Your So Bad
  • When The Walls Fall Down
  • 12:59
  • On My Block
  • When The Night Feels My Song

Finally Metric was stage and it went crazy chaotic.
This was the first time at a Metric show that it was high energy impact.
Started off with Stadium Love from the new album.
Then after was a sort of long version of Dead Disco that everyone went crazy to hear.
I was excited hearing that song.
They sang alot of the new album Fantasies. Which was good.
Empty was amazing to hear.
Emily Haines was very nice this time and telling the whole audience how she loves her fans and Ottawa.
Overall it was a fun and crazy night.
Metric - Ottawa
Metric’s Setlist:

Overall a great show that people will be talking about.

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