Fet.Nat, Boyhood and Bondar @ Le Temporaire [September 5, 2015]

Summer hasn’t ended yet but it was literally a packed, hot, fun and wild show at Le Temporaire.
It was in part of Debaser‘s first mixtape compilation called Mood Ring which you can download for free on their Bandcamp.
Performing on the show was Bondar, Boyhood and Fet.Nat.

Bondar @ Le Temporaire
Bondar was the first band to performing. They were the only band that isn’t on the Mood Ring mixtape but it was great to finally see them play. It was a loud, fun and steamy hot show which they played Palm Bay and previewed a new song.
Boyhood @ Le Temporaire
Boyhood was the second band to play. It was a nice short set despite the space was becoming a sauna. No new songs that Caylie previewed but it was great to sway/bop to the music.
Fet.Nat @ Le Temporaire
The last band to perform was Fet.Nat. Caught some parts but they got everyone moving to their experimental avant-garde rock music.

Overall it was nice to see the venue at capacity.

You should check out the mixtape compilation, if not you can listen to it here.

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