Art Installation: Frost @ NAC

Something is new at the National Arts Centre lobby.
The cloud is gone and now it is a giant Frost!

Here are the details from the site:

Frost is a 20-foot tall interactive sculpture that will illuminate the National Arts Centre throughout the winter. The artwork is inspired by architecture, the geometry of a single snowflake, and the allure of a freshly frosted-over window pane.

Visitors to the National Arts Centre are encouraged to touch Frost. Run your hand along the sculpture and you will see that you cast a shadow in the field of light, the same way you leave a trail when drawing on a frosted window with your finger.

Studio F Minus is the collaborative of artists/architects Mitchell F Chan and Brad Hindson, working with a network of world-class engineers, fabricators, and technologists to create large-scale art projects for broad public audiences. Since its founding in 2008, Studio F Minus has been commissioned to produce major public artworks for cities across Canada and has exhibited installation works in galleries and museums internationally. Mitchell F Chan and Brad Hindson live and work in Toronto, Ontario.

Frost was commissioned by Brookfield Place Toronto.

Credits: Brad Hindson & Mitchell F Chan, Artists; PVW Consultants, Producers; FLUXWORX, Fabricators; Blackwell, Engineering Consulting; Nicholas Stedman, Electrical Design Fabrication; Rob King, Coding.

Frost will be up until March 13, 2018.

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