Lee Paradise – & Co [Streaming]

Toronto musician Lee Paradise who is the moniker for Dan Lee (Hooded Fang & PHÈDRE) dropped the album called Lee Paradise & Co. via Telephone Explosion.
& Co is a blend of dancey retro 80s synth-electro pop funk music that has great collaborations from Carlyn Bezic, Jonathan Pappo, Scott Hardware, Isla Craig, Victoria Cheong Jay Anderson, Charise Aragoza & Lukas Cheung and Daniel Woodhead.

About the album:
This is Dan Lee in producer mode, veering away from the pursuit of a singular musical direction rooted in personal vision, towards a process rich in collaboration, emotional expansion and tonal exploration.
Lee’s music is typically widescreen, indebted to polyrhythmic psychedelia that melts, bubbles, whirrs and clanks.

Starting off as a set of mood-focused instrumental sketches drafted by Dan on his own, the compositions began coloring themselves in after he started sending the tracks out to collaborators, asking them to contribute without much in the way of direction or intention. With help from an ensemble cast of artists including Carlyn Bezic (Jane Inc.), Jonathan Pappo (Scott Hardware, No Frills, Ducks Ltd), Scott Hardware, Isla Craig, Victoria Cheong (New Chance), Jay Anderson, Charise Aragoza & Lukas Cheung (Mother Tongues) and Daniel Woodhead (Moon King), nearly every aspect of this album’s creation eventually became open to collaboration, from musical performances, lyric writing, and vocals all the way through to mixing and mastering.

Lee Paradise & Co. is the sound of an expert producer and sound sculptor conceding to the elusive flows of inspiration, knocking genre conventions askew and hopscotching between a variety of styles, musical identities and sound worlds with absolute panache.

& Co gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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