Looking Back – Suede’s The Wild Ones

During the heydays of Britpop.
Suede (The London Suede for American audience) was one of those band that I never got into.
Not really sure if I would lump Suede as Britpop since their music was far different than the other bands back in those days.
It wasn’t a few years later that I heard this song.
The Wild Ones which is taken from their 1994’s Dog Man Star.

When the single came out, it peaked at #18 in the UK Singles Chart.
I am guessing back then it was to weird for bands to do ballad rock songs.
But reading the Wikipedia entry, that it has become a favorite with Suede fans.
There is something about this song I couldn’t stop listening and relate to.
I for one love this song alot!
Is it a tragic emotionally song about losing that love of your life?
Or remembering what it was like to be young and wild?
Or the music video (sometimes laughable with the people holding still and you can see them move abit) with it gorgeous landscape in Dartmoor with Brett walking on the road.

I didn’t know the band reunited this year with some shows in the UK.
With that the band has reissued and remastered their catalogue.

I couldn’t help see what was in the reissue of Dog Man Star which came out on July 11, 2011.
I didn’t know there is an unedited version which clocks up to 7 minutes and a 4 Track Demo version.
Have a listen.

I should listen to the whole album of Dog Man Star which is now considered a Suede masterpiece

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