Omar Ahmad – Lapses [Music Video]

Today the Palestinian-American composer, producer, DJ and sound artist Omar Ahmad dropped the powerful and heavy music video for Lapses.
The leading single is taken from the upcoming debut album called Inheritance which comes out on June 7, 2023 via AKP Recordings.
An emotional experimental electro-ambient tune.

About the track by Omar:
“‘Lapses’ is a solitary walk at night. Relinquishing control, tension, and pain as your feet trod aimlessly.
Letting the visions overcome you, falling through lapses in time, lapses in judgement, lapses in focus.
This track represents a catharsis for me in many ways and of all the songs on Inheritance it most adequately summarizes the emotional cascade of life at the time of its writing.
A hopefulness bursts through the melancholy, and a path materializes out of the ether, pulsing and inviting you to continue on.” -Omar Ahmad

A maximalist, heart-wrenching visual journey, the video for Omar Ahmad’s “Lapses” is one that demands the viewer’s full attention. Co-produced by prolific visual artist ACE (The Bunker, Going In) and painter Singha Hon, the video unfolds as a long solitary walk both outwards and inwards. The arc of this collage follows Omar through the decades: blurry visions of a past he barely remembers overlaid on the traumatic visuals of Palestine from afar that have been ever-present in his mind since youth. Feelings of survivor’s guilt, confusion, solitude, and passion to do what’s right flood the screen, mounting in a cacophonous and euphoric reminder that every person’s life is invaluable.

Lapses gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.