Ottawa Bluesfest 2011: Day 11 (Part I)

Time flies by so quickly during Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest 2011.
It was the last Saturday and the weather was very hot that day which was somewhat great to check out the live music.
There was alot acts playing at different stages during the day.
The acts I saw were:

The first act to see was Ottawa’s New Teeth who played at the Hard Rock stage.
I’ve seen them live various time and it was good for a Ottawa band to play at this festival.
They totally rocked it despite the very hot weather and playing at a earlier time.

The Beauties played at the National Bank stage.
I was there for about two songs.
They were really great live but with the heat, it was hard to stay long.
Hopefully I will catch them live in the future.

I was not aware that Montreal’s Final Flash was playing at Bluesfest.
So I went to the MBNA stage to catch their set.
They had to play in front of teen girls who were there for Nick Jonas.
Didn’t really matter since I’ve seen them live various times and put on a great rocking set.

Saw Chicago’s Kids These Days at the Claridge stage.
I was pretty surprised to how talented these kids are.
Their music is a blend of jazz, soul and hip-hop.
They drove all the way to Ottawa in a van from what I heard from the members of the band.
Hope they come back to Ottawa soon.

Ran to the Subway stage to catch abit of Australia ska band The Resignators.

Then check out abit of Todd Wolfe Band at the Hard Rock stage.
It was a bluesy rock set there.

I just had to go see Nick Jonas’ set at the MBNA stage.
Let’s say it was alot of girls screaming for him.
It wasn’t chaotic or just loud with the screaming and excitement of this Jonas brother.

Caught abit of Alyssa Reid’s set at the National Bank stage.
Wow, Alyssa can really sing and was really good looking.
She almost look like Megan Fox.
Surprised to hear her sing Jessie J’s Price Tag.

Caught New Orleans band Honey Island at the Hard Rock stage.
There was a good turn out for this act.
Probably because they were from New Orleans and the music was Americana roots, bluegrass and rock.

Here are the rest of the photos

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