Plants and Animals – House on Fire [Music Video]

Montreal indie rock trio Plants and Animals announce The Jungle, their fifth studio album set to be released October 23, 2020 via Secret City Records.
Their shortest album yet and certainly their boldest, The Jungle is eight acts in a world full of noise.
The album is auto-produced and was recorded at Mixart, their studio in Montreal.
Today they share their lead single and video “House on Fire”, an upbeat and energetic anthem that seemed to be aligning perfectly with the surreal summer the world will experience this year.
“House on Fire,” came from Warren’s haunting feeling that a friend who was taking too many sleeping pills might forget to turn his stove off.
There is a bit of that Giorgio Moroder / 80s synth vibe going on House of Vibe.

The band explains:
We started working on this a couple of years ago.
Warren was afraid for a friend’s health.
He thought he was self-medicating too much and not taking care of himself.
He couldn’t let go of this image of an overworked dude swallowing too many sleeping pills and falling asleep with the stove on.
So it began as the place next door, sometime before Greta Thunberg turned the expression into a rallying cry, where Earth is the house and the people are sleeping.
It’s terrifying, and on the whole we’re not unlike this friend, are we?

House on Fire gets:

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