The Acorn and Luka @ Mugshots [March 7, 2015]

The March edition of Fryquency was an exciting show!
I was surprised when the show was announced that Ottawa’s The Acorn was going to play at Mugshots.
It was unheard of and pretty daring in my opinion.
They were preparing for SXSW in a few weeks and previewing materials for the upcoming album Vieux-Loup.
The Acorn @ Mugshots
Definitely a wonderful and fun show.
Despite being very hot and crowded.
I really love the materials form Vieux-Loup.
It was a mix of classic The Acorn sound with the folk-rock vibe and newer sound being electro-pop.
Accompanied by Pat Johnson on drums, Adam Saikaley on keyboards and this time Jonas of Evening Hymns on bass (?)
Of course they played a few from No Ghost.
Really enjoyed their set and eager for the new album!
Luka @ Mugshots
Luka from Toronto opened up the show.
It was very quiet folky pop music.
Felt sort of bad since the audience was really loud talking while he played his soft folky music.
It was a great set to say the least.
Overall it was a great Saturday night!
Click below for more photos.

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