Whoop-Szo, No Mistakes In Space and Zoon @ Pressed

Another night at Pressed and this time the bands that performed on January 30, 2020 was really good!
The show was presented by Debaser and Asinabka Film & Media Arts Festival which had Whoop-Szo, No Mistakes In Space and Zoon.
First band to play was Zoon from Hamilton.
They are signed to Paper Bag Records, so we have to wait in February for their long awaited single and news on their album.
It was my first time seeing and I enjoyed their atmospheric post-rock shoegaze music, it was quite something!
Second band was Ottawa’s No Mistakes In Space, who played some new and old materials.
As always, a great post-rock set with great moody lighting.
Then ending things was Whoop-Szo.
Finally I got to see them since I missed their album release back in November.
Loud and heavy experimental post rock set from their album Warrior Down.
Hoping that they make it on the Polaris Music Prize long-list and crossing my fingers if they miraculously make it for the short-list. 8/10.
Check out the photos.

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