Canadian Albums of 2009 #31-#40

Here is #31-#40 of my best of Canadian albums of 2009.
This is the only one that has one french record in the list.

  1. Silver Starling – Silver Starling

  2. Saw them at Bands Undone and they were amazing. Best tracks are Something Over Nothing, Ghosts and This Is Not A Dream

  3. Outside Love – Pink Mountaintops

  4. Love the description of the album which says: ““Outside Love” is ten songs of love and hate that read like a Danielle Steele romance novel but that would probably make for bad television.” Best tracks are Axis: Thrones Of Love, Execution, Vampire and Closer To Heaven.

  5. Origin:Orphan – The Hidden Cameras

  6. Very over the top indie orchestral alternative rock album. Best track are Ratify The New and Walk On.

  7. One Hundred Words For Water – Flotilla

  8. Best tracks are Song For Yannick, Prelude and Epilogue and Cloud.

  9. Outside In – Julie Fader

  10. After playing with musicians like Chad VanGaalen and Great Lake Swimmers. She finally releases her debut album full of great indie pop folk music. Best tracks are Walking & Talking, Lullabye, Skin and Bones & Mixed Messages.

  11. Echoes – Jenn Grant

  12. That musician is such a great singer. Best tracks are Blue Mountains, Parachutes, Fireflies and Only Love Can Break Your Heart.

  13. As Seen Through Windows – Bell Orchestre

  14. This album is listening to Arcade Fires with no vocals. Best tracks are Stripes, Icicles/Bicycles, The Gaze and Dark Lights

  15. Labyrinthes – Malajube

  16. Best tracks are Porte Disparu, Luna, 333 and Collemboles

  17. The Only Really Thing – Spiral Beach

  18. Their second is showing that they are maturing with their sound. Best tracks are Scour & Devour, Domino, Raising The Snake and Cemetery

  19. Coming Home – Giant Hand

  20. This Ottawa singer is coming on his own with his music. Best tracks are The Beast, No Orchestra, Catabombs and Sun & The Moon

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