ALIAS – Fantasy feat. Les Deuxluxes [Music Video]

Today, Montreal musician ALIAS dropped the music video for Fantasy that features Les Deuxluxes.
The third single is taken from Jozef which comes out on September 28, 2022 via Simone Records.
A loud hazy retro-sounding psych-rock tune.

About the track:
“The single “Fantasy” digs deeper into the psyche of my musical alter ego, Jozef.
Stuck in a padded room he is trying to escape, Jozef is a prisoner in his own madness.

“I left my body in the padded room / But my mind is breaking through.” “Fantasy” embarks on a ghost train, propelling the listener through a rock and roll vortex as the vocals join forces with the guitars’ fuzz, and percussion runs riot.”

Fantasy gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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