Anamai – Sallows [Review]

I swear Anna Mayberry can do almost anything music wise.
While it is noise punk-rock band HSY to electro-dance on Beta/Mai.
Now she finally releases the long awaited debut album under the moniker Anamai.
With the help of David Psutka who produced on Sallows.
It is 9 tracks on haunting atmospheric experimental folk music.
At first there was this comparison to Montreal Sea Oleena.
But the difference besides being solo female artist and the type of lo-fi style music.
Sea Oleena is more dreamy and somewhat uplifting.
Anamai is very dark and haunting.
While you might find some of the tracks to be very long but it brings a sense of soothing and relaxation while listening.
This is definitely one of my favorite albums to come out this year.

Best tracks:

  • Lucia
  • Abris
  • Everyone
  • Altar Coals
  • Black Crows
  • Half
  • Dirt
  • Otolith

I’d give Sallows 9/10.

Did you know: Otolith is a organ in the inner ear that senses gravity and linear acceleration such as from due to initiation of movement in a straight line.


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