Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavillion (Review)

For this 100th post, I should review this album.
There has been alot of critical buzz surrounding their eighth album which came out on Jan 6th, 2009
A band that is going to be very popular that I won’t get a chance to see them live if they come to Ottawa.
Reading information about this band.
It states that Animal Collective‘s music is avant-garde genre.
I find Merriweather Post Pavillion sounds poppy with a mix of psychedelic and electronica.
And abit of Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” influences.

On to the album.
I actually really really enjoyed this album.
Its fun, cheery, happy and catchy to listen to.
This album makes me think about summer when its wintery freezing cold at the moment in Ottawa.
Has to be one of the best album to come out in 2009.

Hard to pick the best tracks on this album because all the tracks are amazing.

So get this album on CD or Vinyl (It might sound ten times better on Vinyl)

Looking at the album cover is very trippy.

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