Basia Bulat @ Zaphod Beeblebrox

Basia Bulat @ Zaphods
On March 27th, I went to Zaphods to see Basia Bulat.
Second time so far this year that I’ve seen her.
She was absolutely amazing live that night.
Openers were Katie Stelmanis and Amos The Transparent.
Katie was amazing.
Basia was so adorable on the stage.
Can’t believe my friends and I were loud.
My favorite part when her mic didn’t work when she was going to see “Before I Knew”
She sang without it and the audience clapped. It was amazing!!!
And clapped for “I Was A Daughter”.
Basia seemed glad with the audience participation.
And she also said how she loved the Ottawa people being helpful.

After the show, we talked to her and she was soo funny, nice and down to earth.
Took alot of group photos.
Talked about whatever mostly.

Or get her album “Oh My Darling”

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