Caribou @ Babylon

Last night I was soo excited to see Caribou at Babylon.
Besides waiting outside for like an hour (worth it and didn't want to go to a pub and lose my spot)
Before the show happened, saw the rest of Caribou and F**k Buttons chillin at Babylon.
I bought Andorra and got Dan Snaith for an autograph.
So happy to get it signed!!

F**k Buttons was the opener.
At first the industrial part was alright.
It later picked up with the beats and I just danced while I find people in Ottawa just stood up like zombies.
They were amazing and heck they are from the UK.
Can't get any better from the Brits.

Caribou came up and it was surreal and psychedelic.
I danced as much as I could with people still standing like zombies!!!
What's up with people in Ottawa being like that!??
The show was amazing
I still can't get Melody Day and Sandy out of my head.
Dan Snaith can play any instruments
He was crazy and intense on the drums
That shows dedication on his music.

I still have to say that was the best show I've been this year.
Caribou @ Babylon

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