Bruce Peninsula @ Raw Sugar Cafe [November 17, 2011]

Bruce Peninsula @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Bruce Peninsula couldn’t have played a more amazing show at Raw Sugar Cafe on November 17, 2011.
It seems like they have played at every venue in Ottawa, except for Babylon & Ritual.
This show had more of an intimate vibe and was a sit-down-on-the-floor kind of show.

The band hasn’t played a show in Ottawa since the 2010 Ottawa Folk Festival.
You could say this was an album release show for their second album Open Flames.
Only Bruce Peninsula played; there were no openers.
Not all members of the band were there; Steven McKay and Daniela Geshundheit weren’t in attendance.
The event was simply titled Bruce Peninsula and the BP Revue, and it was separated into two different sets.

The first half was mostly a selection of performances by Bruce Peninsula solo/side-projects, The Weather Station, EONS, and Ivy Mairi, with some Bruce Peninsula as well.
They did one song without the mics and it was just brilliant.
Bruce Peninsula @ Raw Sugar Cafe
The second half of the show was quite amazing.
It started off with Misha reading a short story she wrote aloud, and it certainly got people’s attention.
Bruce Peninsula @ Raw Sugar Cafe
My favorite part was after that when Neil was saying how there were a lot of F-Bombs in the story.
Hopefully she will release a book of her writings.

After this they played a few different songs from Open Flames and A Mountain Is A Mouth.
The last song was just amazing, with Neil just sitting with the audience singing.Bruce Peninsula @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Neil stated that this was their best Ottawa show to date.

Before the show, Emily Robertson of Audiocassettetape Productions did an interview with Maat of Bruce Peninsula.
Have a listen to the interview. (I happened to jump in in some parts.)
Bruce Peninsula @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Here are the photos.

Here are the videos I took on my iPhone. (Gotta love Apple!)

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