Cedric Noel – Nighttime (Skin) [Listen]

It has been awhile since I last heard from Cedric Noel.
The Montreal/Ottawa musician released a track called Nighttime (Skin).
A mix of folk and scorching electro-rock music blended into one.

About the song:
“Nighttime (Skin)” began after a temporary move from Montreal to Noel’s empty family home in Ottawa.

“I was dealing with a few personal issues, in terms of my place as one of the only black people in the music scene I’m fortunate to be a part of,” Noel said. “I was really questioning my place in it, if I wanted to continue, and what that would look like.”

Living largely alone in a new environment allowed Noel much needed space to survey the shape and root of those feelings.

“That brought on a lot of reflection about my relationship with blackness and how I fit in, both in Montreal and where I was in Ottawa at the time,” Noel said. “I feel like I’ve thought a lot about the exterior perception of myself in relation to how I look, but haven’t placed as much value on my internal perception. I wanted the song to be an acknowledgement of my own shortcomings when it came to accepting myself, and a celebration of that acknowledgement, even if it did come from a pretty rough place.”

Nighttime (Skin) gets:

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