Cotton Mouth [Interview]

Cotton Mouth @ Green Room
I didn’t get to see their set on May 7th at Raw Sugar Cafe.
So I have to use photos of them from Pop Montreal in 2009.
I managed to do a interview with Montreal’s Cotton Mouth.
Since Parlovr is one of my favorite bands at the moment.
Here is the gist of what Cotton Mouth is.
The band was started up by Martin Horn (Pictured in the bottom) who is also a producer.
Cotton Mouth @ Green Room
He produced Parlovr and Nightwood‘s album.
His backing band is the members of Parlovr.
The music is familiar to Parlovr and Nightwood.
But its more indie rock poppy and experimental.

Listen to the interview I did with Martin, Alex and Jeremy. (Louis was not there because he was resting in the van)
This is another of my favorite and funny interview.
I asked on how the band was formed, asked Martin on being a producer and a musician, name dropping Nightwood, Jeremy and Alex if Martin is a tough producer and my horrible french.

Check out and listen to Cotton Mouth’s Black Hand.

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